Tundra Nunavik: Matrix of trophic relations between species of Labrador and northern Quebec

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Source http://www.cen.ulaval.ca/nordicanad/dpage.aspx?doi=10.5885/45555CE-DA1FF11FA4254703
Version 1.0
Citation Berteaux, D., Ropars, P., Casajus, N. 2018. Tundra Nunavik: Matrix of trophic relations between species of Labrador and northern Quebec, v. 1.0 (1980-2010). Nordicana D36, doi: 10.5885/45555CE-DA1FF11FA4254703.
  • Author Name: Dominique Berteaux
  • Author Name: Pascale Ropars
  • Author Name: Nicolas Casajus
Temporal coverage
  • Temporal coverage start: 1980-01-01  Temporal coverage end: 2010-12-31
Spatial coverage { "coordinates": [ -68.689, 56.192 ], "type": "Point" }
Station cen-whapmagoostui-kuujuarapik-research-station
Variable measured
  • Variable name: Matrix of trophic relations among the species/taxa  Variable description: This dataset consists in a square matrix where all know predator-prey relationships are listed for bird and mammal species of Labrador and the province of Quebec north of 50°N, as well as for some groups of arthropods (arachnida, coleoptera, diptera, hymenoptera, lepidoptera) and plants (lichens, grasses, low shrubs, erect shrubs, mosses, cyperacea, poacea). In the matrix, 1 means that the species in the column is known to feed on the species/taxa in the row, whereas 0 indicates that no predator-prey relationship is known.  Variable unit: unitless
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    Date published 2018-10-31
    Date modified 2018-10-31
    Status Public
    • Publisher name: Nordicana D  Publisher URL: http://www.cen.ulaval.ca/nordicanad/en_index.aspx
    • Provider name: Centre d'études Nordiques (CEN)  Provider URL: http://www.cen.ulaval.ca/
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