Terms of Use

Last updated: 30th August 2022

This page, and any pages it links to, details the Terms of Use of INTERACT Virtual Access Single Entrypoint Data Portal, hereby referred to as the INTERACT Data Portal.

Please read these Terms of Use carefully and also familiarize yourself with our Cookie Policy prior using the INTERACT Data Portal. By using the INTERACT data portal you agree to these Terms of Use.

Who we are

INTERACT Data Portal is managed by Inkode https://inkode.it, hereby referred to as 'we', on behalf of the INTERACT - The International Network for Research and Monitoring in the Arctic- funded by the EU-H2020 (GA No. 871120).
Additional information on the Terms of Use can be inquired at:

Via dello smistamento, 7
40127 - Bologna, Italy

What is INTERACT Data Portal?

Virtual Access (VA) is a data access modality that allows free and remote access to stations’ data and databases. Altogether 29 research stations located in the Arctic and northern forest and alpine areas will offer INTERACT Virtual Access by 2023. INTERACT Data Portal is a data portal that allows you to search and access Virtual Access data and information from the Arctic and beyond. The INTERACT Data Portal is based on metadata harvesting from several organizations and sites with end points to real data on various topics on e.g. earth sciences and ecosystems. The number of datasets presented in the portal is growing day by day, including both near real-time observation datasets and unique historical, retrospective data digitized and provided for open access.

Using INTERACT Data Portal

You agree to use INTERACT Data Portal, also referred to as “the Service”, only for lawful purposes. You must also use it in a way that doesn't infringe the rights of, or restrict or inhibit the use of this site by anyone else. We do not warrant that INTERACT Data Portal is available at all times. Disturbances, interruptions or a possible breakdown of the online service cannot be excluded.

License in and to User’s Content

  • Under the condition that you comply with the Terms we grant a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use the platform and the Service. The metadata are to be used solely for non-commercial purposes applying CC-BY-NC International 4.0 license. Each VA data provider applies its license to the data that it makes available on INTERACT Data Portal
  • You are expected to acknowledge the provider of the original data and INTERACT (EU-H2020 GA No. 871120) in all publications derived by using the data obtained through the INTERACT Data Portal. By accessing and/or downloading available content of INTERACT Data Portal, you shall not misuse or interfere the Service
  • You shall not use the Service for the development of other services, or activate or use functionalities of the Service for which you have no right of use
  • You are not allowed to use scraping or similar techniques to collect content for any use, including republishment of data or use in a different way than what the Service is intended for.
  • The Service under these Terms of Use is free of charge

Linking from INTERACT Data Portal

INTERACT Data Portal is based on discovery metadata harvesting from other data portals and databases managed by other organizations and service providers and beneficiaries of the INTERACT. We don't have any control over the content provided by these data portals and databases.
We're not responsible for:

  • any information you give to these websites
  • any loss or damage that may come from your use of these websites, or any other websites they link to
You agree to release us from any claims or disputes that may come from using these websites. As users of the INTERACT Data Portal are directed toward dataset landing pages served by data centers and databases hosting the actual data, INTERACT Data Portal has no control of services provided and used by these data providers. You should read all terms and conditions, privacy policies and end user licenses that relate to these websites before usage

Responsibility for discovery metadata towards the Virtual Access providers

INTERACT Data Portal does not host datasets. They are the responsibility of the Virtual Access provider who is hosting them, and all requests concerning the actual data should be sent to the Virtual Access provider. The contact information of the VA providers is provided at https://eu-interact.org/accessing-the-arctic/infrastructures/ Only Virtual Access providers can ask for the discovery metadata of their datasets to be deleted/not harvested from/to INTERACT Data Portal. Contact us (link to form) if you want that your discovery metadata should not be harvested to INTERACT Data Portal.
The Terms of Use or the discovery metadata harvesting from the Virtual Access data providers to INTERACT Data Portal include:

  • By providing your discovery metadata to INTERACT Data Portal, you commission us to save, host and make the content -discovery metadata of the datasets you host- available to the public. We use your content in accordance with these Terms of Use. By providing your content, you grant a non-exclusive, royalty free, territorially unrestricted license to use your content for the purpose of the provision of the Service. This includes the right to store, to host, to reproduce, to modify, to transmit, to technically edit, to make available and to analyze the content. This license continues even after you stop using the Service.
  • You warrant and guarantee to have the rights to the content in the scope of granting of rights. The information and data you send us must be accurate and must not infringe the rights of third parties, or to contradict official regulations and laws.
  • If you use photos, maps or other graphic data a copyright notice has to be placed in an appropriate place in a clearly readable form.
  • In case you initiate the deletion or deactivation of your user account, your personal information will be deleted from the Service. We reserve the right to maintain the basic information about non-personal information provided (e.g. research site, sensor, data product or dataset) and share them with the public.

Intellectual Property Rights

The INTERACT Data Portal and all connected software, databases, graphics, user interfaces, design and additional content and names are protected by the copyright law and additional property rights. Inkode/INTERACT (under EU GA No. 871120) is the sole holder of all intellectual property rights for the INTERACT Data Portal and its services, and the related database.

Legal venue, applicable law

All disputes arising from the present agreement shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the materially competent court of Bologna (ITALY). Italian law shall apply on an exclusive basis. Should any provision of the present conditions of use or any part thereof be invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions or other parts thereof shall not be affected.

Changes to the Terms of Use

Please check these terms and conditions regularly. We can update them at any time without notice. The date of the latest amendment to these Terms of Use is visible in the beginning of the document, under title “Last updated”. You'll agree to any changes if you continue to use INTERACT Data Portal after the terms and conditions have been updated.