Privacy policy on INTERACT Data Portal

Last updated: 30th August 2022

Data controller:

Via dello smistamento, 7
40127 - Bologna, Italy

Contact person of the INTERACT Data Portal register: Giorgio Resci, INKODE SOC. COOP, help(at)

Data Protection Officer: Alessandro Frezzini, INKODE SOC. COOP, alessandro(at)

The protection of your personal information is a matter of great importance for us. Therefore, your data will only be processed if there is a legal basis to do so (GDPR, Telecommunications Act 2003, Data Protection Act). On these pages you will find information about the most important aspects of data processing in connection with the use of INTERACT Data Portal / INTERACCESS. Should this Privacy Policy fail to describe the planned use of data with sufficient clarity, we kindly ask you to contact us at help(at)

Who we are

INTERACT Data Portal / INTERACCESS is a service provided by Inkode ( on behalf of the INTERACT -The International Network for Research and Monitoring in the Arctic, funded by the EU-H2020 (GA No. 730938 and GA No. 871120). The data controller of the system determines how and why personal data is processed. The data controller for INTERACT Data Portal / INTERACCESS is Inkode.

Personal data to be processed: Anonymized users’ IP addresses

Purpose of processing personal data: Web analytics tools

We use web analytics tools to derive statistics on the use of the INTERACT Data Portal ( website and to improve the website based on the user’s needs. For this purpose, cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device to analyze the use of the website. You can disable cookies being downloaded by setting your web browser so that no cookies are stored. The information generated by cookies is transferred to the service provider’s server. A record is kept of your IP address which is anonymised as soon as technically feasible by deleting the last eight bits of it, before it is sent to the web analytics tools provider’s server so that your geographical location can be identified approximately. The relationship with the web analytics provider is managed in compliance with the GDPR. All data processing is carried out in accordance with the legal requirements set out in Section 96 (3) of the Telecommunications Act and in Article 6 (1) (a) (consent) and/or (legitimate interest) of the GDPR.