Monitoring of arctic and red fox reproduction on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada

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Version 1.1
Citation Berteaux, B. 2020. Monitoring of arctic and red fox reproduction on Bylot Island, Nunavut, Canada, v. 1.1 (1993-2019). Nordicana D49, doi: 10.5885/45594CE-A69880E653314887.
  • Author Name: Dominique Berteaux
Temporal coverage
  • Temporal coverage start: 1993-05-10  Temporal coverage end: 2019-08-20
Spatial coverage { "coordinates": [ -79.9061, 72.8885 ], "type": "Point" }
Station cen-whapmagoostui-kuujuarapik-research-station
Variable measured
  • Variable name: Comments  Variable description: Comments  Variable unit: unitless
  • Variable name: Den number  Variable description: FOX0XX: Dens at Qarlikturvik Valley FOX1XX: Dens at Camp 2 FOX3XX: Dens at Camp 3 FOX2XX: Dens at Pointe Dufour FOX4XX: Dens at the northern limit of Qarlikturvik Valley (out of study area)  Variable unit: unitless
  • Variable name: Fox species using the den  Variable description: Arctic fox Red fox  Variable unit: unitless
  • Variable name: Litter number  Variable description: Litter number  Variable unit: unitless
  • Variable name: Reproductive status of the den  Variable description: NM: Not monitored: den known but not visited NR: Non reproductive: no cubs were seen on the den or heard inside the den N (Natal): cubs were seen or heard inside the den R (Rearing): cubs were moved to the den later in the season. The associated natal den can be determined if tagged adults or tagged cubs were seen on the rearing den. In some cases, if the cubs seemed old when they were first spotted on a den that was previously inactive, the den was categorized as a rearing den (but with no associated natal den) C (Collapsed): holes became covered with soil or the den collapsed and disappeared; a collapsed den is not monitored after it is collapsed  Variable unit: unitless
  • Variable name: Study year  Variable description: Year  Variable unit: Year  Variable URL:
Measurement Technique
    Date published 2019-06-18
    Date modified 2020-03-31
    Status Public
    • Publisher name: Nordicana D  Publisher URL:
    • Provider name: Centre d'études Nordiques (CEN)  Provider URL: