Measured water discharges, suspended supply and morphometric parameters of cross-sections in the Lena River Delta during summer period 2002-2012

The datasets present hydrographic measurements on discharge and suspended supply in the Lena River Delta in the summer periods from 2002 to 2012. Water discharge was calculated according to profile depth and water current velocity measurements, sediment supply was received after water sampling, filtration and turbidity carrying out. Measurements on the standard hydrometrical cross-sections of Roshydromet (Russian Federal Service for Hydrometorology and Environmental Monitoring) are coded with "H". These are across the Lena Main Channel at 4,7 km from Stolb station, Olenekskskaya, Tumatskaya, Bykovskaya, and Trovimovskaya hydrometrical cross-sections. Parameter "Water level at Stolb station, cm" means daily measurements of water level of the Bykovskaya channel at the Stolb (Habarova, Sokol) station of Roshydromet. […]

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