Hourly meteorology and snow height at Samoylov met-station (2012-08-01 - 2013-06-30)

The Arctic Samoylov site is extensively described in Boike et al. (2013) and more shortly in Gouttevin et al. (2017) where the present dataset is exploited. Air temperature and relative humidity were obtained from the Samoylov met-station using an HMP45A air temperature and humidity sensor . Unfortunately the sensor became saturated at temperatures below -40 °C From 2013-02-01 to 2013-03-15 air temperatures dropped below -40°C, and TTT in the dataset is replaced by the 2 m air temperature from the ERA-interim (ERA-i) reanalysis Project (Dee et al., 2011). The ERA-i data were linearly interpolated from their native 3 hourly temporal resolution (analysis and forecast fields) to a 30 min time-series. This substitution seems appropriate since for the rest of the 2012-2013 winter period, ERA-i temperatures show a high correlation with Samoylov observations (r2=0.97) and a low bias (-0.9°C). ERA-i fields were also proven to be a high quality source of driving variables to simulate the evolution of the Northern Eurasian snowpack including Siberia (Brun et al., 2013), with minor differences between station data and grid-field over large, rather flat areas like the Lena Delta. Finally, a comparison of ERA-i with locally acquired meteorological data from earlier years at Samoylov confirmed this validity for the skin surface temperature, which responds very sensitively to differences in the driving variables (Langer et al., 2013). […]

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