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SoilEmp is one of the three automatic soil stations in Kobbefjord. The station was established in 2008 and is placed on empetrum (crowberry) vegetation on the eastern side of the river 33 m.a.s.l. The station (CR1000 logger) is running West Greenlandic Winter time (WGWT). Soil temperatures (thermocouple, 105T) and soil heat flux (hukseflux, HFP01) are logged every 30 minutes (see SoilEmp 30 min), while the soil moisture (Delta-T, ML2x and SM300) is logged every six hours. Comments for six hour data: The ML2x soil moisture sensor in 50 cm depth was broken in July/August 2018 and was changed in August to a Delta-T, SM300 sensor. The new sensor showed bad data maybe due to bad contact to the soil and is deleted from August 2018. Soil Properties:Soil Properties GeoBasis Nuuk:The GeoBasis monitoring programme focuses on selected abiotic characteristics in order to describe the state of Greenlandic terrestrial environments and their potential feedback effects in a changing climate. Monitored plot data is up-scaled to a landscape level and is used to improve ecosystem models to be able to quantify these feedback mechanisms. The GeoBasis programme provides an active response to recommendations in international assessments such as ACIA and SWIPA; and is continuously being adapted based on AMAP and other international founded recommendations. Furthermore, the GeoBasis programme is directly involved in several international networks and research projects (e.g. the Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring (CALM) programme, the Nordic Centre of Excellence DEFROST, the Danish Centre of Excellence CENPERM, the EU-projects PAGE21 and INTERACT, and the Arctic Research Centre at Aarhus University). The GeoBasis programme is divided into a number of sub-groups, including:

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  • Variable name: Time  Variable description: West Greenlandic time (UTC -3)  Variable unit: HH:MM  Variable URL:
  • Variable name: SoilMoisture 5cm (%vol)  Variable description: Soil moisture measured 5 cm below ground surface (Delta-T, ML2x)  Variable unit: %vol  Variable URL:
  • Variable name: SoilMoisture 10cm (%vol)  Variable description: Soil moisture measured 10 cm below ground surface (Delta-T, ML2x)  Variable unit: %vol  Variable URL:
  • Variable name: SoilMoisture 30cm (%vol)  Variable description: Soil moisture measured 30 cm below ground surface (Delta-T, ML2x)  Variable unit: %vol  Variable URL:
  • Variable name: SoilMoisture 50cm (%vol)  Variable description: Soil moisture measured 50 cm below ground surface (2007-2018: Delta-T, ML2x. 2018-: Delta-T, SM300)  Variable unit: %vol  Variable URL:
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