Electrical Conductivity, DOC, CDOM, stable water isotopes and major ions of the ice core LD18-BH-8 samples near the Samoylov Island Research Station

Current warming, shifting hydrological regimes and accelerated permafrost thaw in the catchment of the Arctic rivers will affect their water biogeochemistry and the ice that covers the river for more than half of the year. The Lena River is the second largest Arctic river and 71 % of its catchment is characterized by continuous permafrost. Large amounts of ice melt water is exported in spring to the Laptev Sea shelf water where it modifies the biogeochemistry of the shelf water. […]

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  • Temporal coverage start: 2018-05-04T00:00:00
Spatial coverage { "coordinates": [ 126.468242, 72.367545 ], "type": "Point" }
Station research-station-samoylov-island
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  • Variable name: DEPTH, ice/snow
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    Date published 2020-03-10
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